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iHound uses the GPS and WiFi, 3G, or Edge signals built into your devices to determine its location. Using the app and iHound Software's unique tracking website, you can:

  • Track the location of your device: The iHound App wakes up every 10 minutes, reports your location to iHound, and goes back to sleep.
  • Remotely Lock Your Phone: In the event of a lost or stolen device iHound's Android App enables you to remotely lock down your Android.
  • Remotely Wipe Private Information: Send the phone an alert or erase important personal information such as: SMS messages, contacts, phone call logs, photos, videos and/or SD storage data.
  • Directly Instant Message Your Phone: With the App's Lost and Found Messenger screen, you can communicate instantly with whoever has your Android.
  • Set up Geofencing Location Alerts: Receive alerts and check in automatically with Facebook, Foursquare, and/or Twitter when you arrive, simple to use and completely opt in.
  • Manage your account using iHound's Mobile Web Site: Using our intuitive mobile web site optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Users, you can track multiple devices on multiple platforms and set up geofences with ease while you are on the go.

Join our community of iHound Software users, begin to take control and secure your digital life today.

Supported Carriers / Android Operating Systems

iHound functionality has been verified on Android devices for the following countries, carriers, and operating systems:

US Carriers

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint
  • Cricket

UK Carriers

  • O2

Android OS

  • 1.5+

We are working hard to add carriers from around the world to our approved carrier list above. It is actually quite likely that iHound will work on a variety of different carriers and countries. If you own an Android device on another carrier's network or in another country, we encourage you to download and try iHound for the free 7 day trial as a Beta tester. Please let us know about your experience, and we will be happy to offer you a free year of service in return for your feedback and time. If you would like to be notified when iHound is available for your carrier / country, please contact us through our Online Contact Form.

Pricing - On Sale

iHound for Android is free to download with a 7-day free trial of the iHound services.
On Sale! For a limited time, subscriptions cost $3.99 per year, and are sold through PayPal.
You can cancel any time.

Learn how to use iHound Geofences


5 Stars

A great substitution for Find My iPhone

By porshe962c
Version 3.0 - Jul 1, 2010 - I have an iPhone and an iPad and they both have iHound loaded on them. I feel very safe and secure having the App loaded and also as double safety for my iPhone I have the iHound sticker on the back of my phone. Great updates regularly. I'm very satisfied with finding and purchasing this app and their service plan.
5 Stars

It is the BEST APP EVER!!

By Rwhit
Version 3.0 - July 4, 2010 - I had some trouble at first but it was me not the app, I sent an email off to the tech people and they got right back to me within a half hour and through about 3 emails got me up and running Perfectly!!!
5 Stars

Great Alternative to MobileMe

By the 1Silverwolf
Version 3.0 - July 7, 2010 - With the iOS 4 update addint multi-tasking this app is a wonderful alternative to the expensive MobileMe service for people who are only looking to track their iOS device.
5 Stars


By Epidemik9278
Version 3.0 - July 8, 2010 - This service is worth every penny! First, their customer service is absolutely awesome. I was having an issue with reviewing my service on my service on my iPhone 4 and these guys were genuinely concerned and extremely helpful. The service itself is accurate and a huge value over other services (mobile me).... For example. I would recommend iHound to anyone that wants a quality product that does exactly what it supposed to from a company with great customer service! I was able to find it when I would have never been able to on my own. Not only did iHound save me money, but all time and drama of replacing the phone as well. Thank you iHound!
5 Stars

iHound is fantastic!

By bethanyrx
version 3.0 - July 1, 2010 - I'm always setting my phone down places and forgetting where I put it, and this app puts my fears to rest that I'll leave it somewhere and actually lose it. I'm so happy that it's now able to run in the background too!
5 Stars

Works great

By Bummperrr
version 3.0 - July 1, 2010 - I actually lost my iPhone 3GS and I sent out a message to my phone and an hour later someone came to my house and gave it to me!
5 Stars

iHound can finally track my iPhone in the Background!

version 3.0 - June 29 2010 - Just updated to the new iOS4 version and I'm really impressed with the update. I no longer have to keep iHound open for the application to track my phone which is awesome! The new website interface is also a lot easier to use and now I feel comfortable knowing my $5000 phone is protected.
5 Stars

iHound is terrific!

By dshore
version 3.0 - July 1, 2010 - I have checked on several different occasions and it has accurately indicated the location on iHound. This newest version is a huge improvement for my 64GB iPod Touch - more important to me than my cell phone though I don't have an iPhone. Maybe after the switch to Verizon.
5 Stars

Top notch app, very professional, great service!!!

By sanequa2
version 3.0 - July 19 2010 - Since this update, iHound is my most relied upon app. Me, my wife and teenage daughter all have iPhone 3GS's, and iHound is a great way for us to know where each other is and our phone too, we like that security. I've used the push notification several times to help locate my iPod Touch around the house. Our phones are able to run iHound in the background in power save tracking mode with next to no impact on the battery. The subscription is straightforward and reasonably priced, and iHound's customer service is excellent. Thanks for a great app and website!!!
5 Stars

Best app ever...

By Ncflores210
version 3.0 - July 1, 2010 - Why would you NOT want this App? It can track your phone to the exact location it's at. I was so impressed with its accuracy. I started telling all the Dr's I work with about it. They all started getting it on their phones. Now that you can run it in the background makes it even better. On top of it, you can't beat the price. Thanks iHound keep up the good work in making it possible to keep track of our investments. Thumbs up.
5 Stars

Great App! Wish I had it earlier

By sethstil
Version 3.0 - Aug 30, 2010 - UPDATE REVIEW - iHound has come a long way since v.1. Now that it runs in the background, and you can set how often it pings - it's MUCH BETTER. Also, Geofencing options are awesome! It's great to be able to use it not only as a location retrieval for that day you misplace (hopefully not), but also as a utility to help you do location check ins with foursquare and other geo-based apps.
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